Wills of our Ancestors

This page contains links to the transcribed and/or scanned images of collected wills as they exist presently in our records and as additional documents are added in the future. It should ease the search for anyone having interest in these items. A link to the will of a specific ancestor will exist on their individual page in addition to being found here. It should also be noted that the author has copied, verbatim, the words, capitalization and punctuation, of these documents. Don't think your browser is malfunctioning or that the author's spell checker is faulty.

  • Daniel Weigel - May 21, 1778 - August 11, 1852 ---- Daniel is the 6th born child of Johann Daniel and Anna (Weibler) Weigel. He was born on May 21, 1778, and married a Catherine Reischel in Lancaster County, PA on February 28, 1797. Nothing is known about Catherine. They raised 9 children who all appear to have been born after the family's move to Western Pennsylvania.

  • Agnes Wigal (Weigel) - 1750 - September 6, 1820 --- This individual, based on date of death, is known in our genealogy as Anna Weibler, wife of the eldest Daniel Weigel (Johann Daniel Weigel), who was born in Germany on May 14, 1745 and died in Moon Township (Center Township) Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Daniel most likely arrived in the Port of Philadelphia and made his way to Lancaster County, PA, which is where he met, and married Anna Catherina Weibler. It is interesting to note that in her will she identifies herself as "Agnes Wigal" and yet her children were baptized and are clearly known by the name "Weigel". No birth information is known on Anna but with their eldest children being born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania makes it highly probable that her ancestry is from that part of the country.

  • John Weigel - October 19, 1768 - August 27, 1820 ---- John Weigel is the first born of Johann Daniel and Anna (Weibler) Weigel. Records indicate he was born in Manor Township, Lancaster County, PA and died on August 27, 1820. He married Barbara Miller at the First Reformed Church of Lancaster in Lancaster County, PA. Barbara is said to be from Conestoga Township, Lancaster County, PA. John and Barbara moved with their family to Beaver County, PA where they settled with John's parents. Records have not been found to indicate that John and Barbara migrated at the same time as Daniel and Anna, or whether it was at different times.

  • Abraham Weigel - xxxx - September 7, 1821 ---- The connection of this individual with our lineage is being explored. The photocopy of the will exists with other documents in our possession but proper relationships have not yet been established. The document is placed here simply as information and may be removed in the future should it be found that lineage cannot be properly identified. At the present time, it's here for informational purposes with the hope that someone will be able to link their family to documents that we have in our possession.

  • Henry Baker's Will ~ Henry Baker - Precise dates unknown ---- Dates within the document indicate this to be Henry Baker, one of the sons that accompanied George Peter Baker from Germany on the Ship Peggy. This document appears to be due to a possible discrepancy in the estate handling or something of that nature. Read it and draw your own conclusions.

  • Nancy (McGee) Maratta - 1793 - October 04, 1861---- Nancy (McGee) Maratta was the wife of Peter Maratta and their children are listed in the will as having received shares of the real estate as owned by Nancy. In reading the will, and noting the date of Nancy's signature, it should be noted that this was certainly completed "on her death bed" since it was signed on October 3, 1861 and we have her death recorded as October 4, 1861. The Maratta family intermarried with the Baker and Weigel families and are therefore part of our ancestry.

  • Daniel Baker Figley - December 5, 1827 - December 5, 1897 ---- Daniel is confirmed to be part of our ancestry by being the son of William Figley and Nancy Baker, and the grandson of Daniel B. Baker and Margaret Hart.