2011 Weigel Family Reunion

2011 Weigel Reunion

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The Weigel Family

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The Weigel Family Website History Section

A History of Us

In our History section of the website we have attempted to paint verbal pictures of what happened to our ancestors during their migration to the untamed wilderness of Western Pennsylvania during the mid-1700's. The perils they faced, the hardships they encountered, and the trials of the unknown that they faced, as they were some of the first pioneers to settle the then, unsettled territory of the Ohio River Valley, in what we now know as Western Pennsylvania and Beaver County.

The timeline for these journeys took place during the Revolutionary War and the quest for our kinfolks information requires us to delve into some of the details of Revolutionary War history, as seen through their eyes.

We hope that our research and historical text will peak your interest in just how courageous our ancestors were, the tribulations and danger of their exploration, and the legacy they formed for us and our freedoms of today.

You can access the History Section of the website by clicking on the "down arrow" of the History topic in the navigation menu at the top of any of our pages. Once the main menu item has expanded, move your mouse to select the topic of your choice, and left click to select it.

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