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Passenger List from the Ship "Peggy" - September 24, 1753

Before you begin this page, may I say, it is here specifically because previous family member research has determined that our ancestor, George Peter Baker, was one of the passengers on this ship, on this particular trip from Europe. But before reviewing the details of the Ship's List, let's look at some history of the reason for the immigration of "foreigners" to this new land.

The land of what subsequently came to be known as Pennsylvania was granted, as is well known, by King Charles II of England to William Penn in 1681, in liquidation of a debt of 16,000 pounds which the British crown owed to Penn's father. It was the largest tract ever granted in America to a single individual. Penn was made the proprietary of the province, invested with the privilege of creating a political government. He had fee simple title to more than 40,000 square miles of territory. If you have extended interest in the Grant of the Pennsylvania Territory to William Penn by King Charles II, you might want to visit the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission's website.

Under his charter Penn was also governor of the province, which he and his sons held as proprietaries, with the exception of about two years under William III, until the revolution of 1776. Thus, in a strict sense, Pennsylvania was not the colony of any foreign power. But as a British subject Penn owed allegiance to the Crown, and while the government of Pennsylvania was proprietary in form, it was English in substance and non-British subjects were known as foreigners.

In order to procure settlers for his land, Penn visited the Rhine provinces, whose once peaceful valleys, thriving fields and vine-clad hills had become the hunting ground of political and religious fanatics. Personally, and through agents, Penn disseminated the news of his acquisition and invited the Rhinelanders, the suffering Palatines, to help him found a State in which religious and civil liberty would prevail.

Beginning with the Germantown settlement in 1683, under the leadership of Pastorius, up to the revolution and the dawn of the nineteenth century a large-scale immigration followed, which spread not only through Pennsylvania but into the South and the new West, influencing every phase of American life. It is this immigration with which the present volumes deal. When the pioneers arrived, the government of Pennsylvania was in the hands of British subjects. Penn's agents were Englishmen; the English language was used; English common law was in force. It early became a matter of concern to these Englishmen that so large a body of continentals, speaking another language and accustomed to another form of government, should be admitted to the land, even though they came at the invitation of Penn himself.

Therefore, in 1727, the Provincial Council, at the recommendation of Governor Patrick Gordon, passed a law, suggested ten years before by Governor William Keith, requiring all continentals who arrived at Philadelphia to take oaths of allegiance to the British crown. Two years later the continental immigrants were required also to take oaths of abjuration and fidelity to the proprietor and the laws of the province. The oaths were administered and subscribed to before public officials. The original lists, with the pioneers' signatures, are still in the possession of the State of Pennsylvania, and these lists form the basis of the genealogical antecedents of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have descended from the first arrivals.

These ancestors of ours were more than mere immigrants, in the everyday sense of the word. They were even more than refugees from a beloved and despoiled homeland. They were pioneers in that they came not to a ready-made republic of opportunity but to a virgin land inhabited by savages. They blazed the trail that helped to transform that land into the America of today, built our institutions and moulded American character. Many were men of eminence in the fatherland; others came up from the penury and virtual slavery of the redemptioner system. Together they worked and won, together they fought America's battles and led in public service, industry, science, education, invention and in that art of agriculture which is the very foundation of our national wealth and of human progress.

 As will be seen in the following paragraphs, there were three lists: those kept by the Captains of Ships ("A" list), the lists of the Signers of the Oath of Allegiance ("B" list) and of the Signers of the Oath of Abjuration ("C" list).

In violation of the Provincial Council's instructions, the captains' lists were prepared carelessly and without regard to uniformity. Few gave complete lists of names, and the occupations of the passengers and the places of their origin were ignored. The lists were handled indifferently and many were lost. The oath of allegiance lists were incomplete, in that they contained only the signatures of the adult males who did not happen to be ill on the day they had to sign their names. But the lists of the signers of the oath of abjuration were preserved in bound books and in their complete state these lists are printed in the present work for the first time. The allegiance lists were incorporated in the Provincial Council minutes from 1727 until 1736 and were published by the State of Pennsylvania in 1852 under the title of "Colonial Records".

To familiarize yourself with the reason for "Ships Lists", the "Oath of Allegiance", and the "Oath of Abjuration", go to our page titled "Mandatory Oaths and Pledges by Immigrants" and read our transcribed text from a past author's work. While it is a mere capsule of the complete work (the total document is 800+ pages in length), the sections we have included are interesting reading of "Pre-Colonial" times. Once you navigate to that page, you'll have the opportunity to link to the author's full document which is in the Pennsylvania State Library Archive in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It can be found by the name "Pennsylvania German Society, Volume XLII of the Society Proceedings, Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, Volume 1, 1727-1775". Mr. Strassburger is listed, on the face of the document as the "President of the Pennsylvania German Society".

The article in the previously mentioned link, is very detailed in the explanation of the various "Oaths" that were part of the process for those arriving in America. Also, bear in mind, that these "Oaths" were required during this period, and up until the Revolutionary War.

The following table is a transcription of the Passenger List from the Ship "Peggy", that brought George Baker to America on September 24, 1753. The "A" list is the list compiled by Capt. James Abercrombie, list "B" contains the names of the "Signers of the Oath of Allegiance" to the King of England, and list "C" has the names of those who signed the "Oath of Abjuration". As mentioned in the paragraphs above, the passenger list, as stated by the Captain, was not the most accurate measure of those on board. And we can attest to that by comparing the three lists. Our GEORGE BAKER is NOT listed on the Captain's ("A" List), but he's listed on the remaining two! The lists of those "signing" the Oath of Allegiance and the Oath of Abjuration, were more accurately recorded but still not extremely consistent in content. If you compare list B and C, you may find the same number of passengers listed, but you'll also find names that are spelled completely different in the two lists, with the comparing of some names not making much sense at all. I'll give you just ONE example of the inconsistencies... List "A" - Johan Diedk Opperheimer; List "B" - Johan Dietrick (X) Oppenheiner; and List "C" - J. Diterich (X) Openhim. Somewhat difficult to realize this is the SAME person, don't you think? The list of those signing the Oath of Abjuration was the most accurate and was recorded in a bound journal that was kept in the courthouse and today is maintained in the State of Pennsylvania Library Archive in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
Passenger Ships' List Of


German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
"A" List ~ The Captain's List
Port of Philadelphia
(List 204A) A List of men's Names and Ages.
Imported in the Ship Peggy, Capt. James Abercrombie,
from Rotterdam, 24th Sept., 1753
Name of Adult Male Age   Name of Adult Male Age   Name of Adult Male Age
Martin Bower 44   Jacob Hoor 27   Michael Spann 34
Christian Roth 37   Johan Jerick Blumer 26   Johan Diedk Opperheimer 24
Johannis Lintz 19   Johan Michl Bohmer 34   Casper Schauck 42
Christopher Trouts 27   Johan Fortmayer 26   Wilhelm Albreght 32
Christopher Hosp 30   Johannes Steinman 40   Philip Jacob Bru 24
Michael Folts 23   Johan Adam Oberwinder 28   Adam Sigerist 23
Hendrick Holtsman 42   Carle Wagg 21   Wilhelm Ganter 30
John Andreas Bock 25   Carle Windmiller 30   Nicholus Fyrestein 40
Jacob Hendk Herle 35   Jerick Zeigler 24   Peter Fies 30
Christian Fredrick Banser 34   Franciscus Ratity 38   Nicholus Do, Jun. 21
Johan Jacob Kauts 20   Ignatius Voght 20   Jacob Hetrick 17
Fredrick Fetterle 20   Johan Jacob Zucker 25   Hendrick Hashare 26
Johan Casper Nill 33   Ignatius Fiechel 30   Jacob Zerbinger 16
Jacob Miller 25   Nicholus Herter 17   Abraham Borell 34
Casper Meyly 34   Jerick Anthony Linder 18   Hans Jerick Lyssey 30
Johannes Backman 26   Johan Andreas Shredlin 24   Johan Jerick Sauter 32
Johan Adam Zwirner 32   Johan Wilhelm Mengel 42   Jerick Blanc 28
Fretinant Kney 38   Jerick Backer 25   Conradt Hausman 34
Johannis Rudel 28   Jacob Eberhart 36   Michael Miller 35
Carle Erhart 34   Jacob Steigelman 25   Nicholus Bartholemy 25
Johan Michael Shoemaker 23   Bernhard Winterman 21   Fredrich Dornwind 27
Philip Schwartz 24   Johan Jacob Kleinbub 23   Casper Rometch 24
Johan Jacob Aller 30   Johan Michl Eberhauf 40   Paulus Dasser 45
Nicholus Shrack 34   Jacob Streemchild 21   Agatius Dasser 17
Johan Sternberger 22   Johan Michael Sawrig 24   Dewald Sawrig 27
Jerick Shweykert 54   Johan Martin Bedinger 18   Conrad Huber 46
Conradt Jeger 35   Martin Shnyder 26   Michael Bower 17
Philip Jacob Mayer 22   Martin Beck 21   Jerick Rhinholt 30
Jacob Smith 32   Fredrick Engelhart 30   Jerick Matzer 39
Johan Wolfgang Leitzel 30   Johan Jacob Bliecker 26   Casper Phlugfelder 41
Jerick Peter Telp 20   Adam Shack 36   Melchior Kampf 40
Joseph Graff 30   Johan Wolfgang Rhinlen 39   Isaac Miller 23
Peter Musculus 30   Johan Ubel 30   Casper Sheen 38
Anthony Cantzler 27   Hans Walter 35   Jacob Nagel 40
Jacob Walter 25   Johannis Binnighoff ---   Jacob Berger 22
Carle Decrafft ---   Vallentine Shaffer 30   John Michl Jacob ---
Philip Kreps 18   John Carle Shakar ---   Jacob Kreninger 30
Johan Conrad Kachel ---   Jerick Adam Kuys 29   Christian Kreps ---
Jacob Harsch 22   Jacob Holler ---   Carle Ebersholl 21
Philip Zurg ---   Nicholus Dullmayer 32      
[Endorsed:] List of Foreigners imported in the Ship Peggy, Capt. James Abercrombie. Qual. 24, Sept., 1753. (119) - Stedman

German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
"B" List ~ The Oath of Allegiance List
Port of Philadelphia
(List 204B) Foreigners imported in the Ship Peggy, Capt. James Abercrombie,
 From Rotterdam. Qual. 25th Sept. 1753
Name of Adult Male     Name of Adult Male     Name of Adult Male  
Martin Baur     Jean Frans Rattez     Christian Roth  
Ignatius Vogt     Johannes Lentz     Johann Jacob Zucker  
Christoph Trautz     Ignathes Fichtl     Christoph Hosp  
Nicholas ( ) Herter, on board     Michael Voltz     Gorg Anton Linder  
Joest Henrich Holtzman     Johann Andreas Schrödlin     John Andreas (X) Back  
Johan Wilhelm Mengel     Jacob Heinrich (H) Herle     George (X) Baker  
Christian Friedrich Panse     Jacob (O) Eberhart     Johann Jacob Kautz  
Jann Jacob Stigelman     Johanns Nötterle     Bernart Wintringer  
Johan Casper Nill     Johan Jacob Kleinbub     Jacob Miller  
Johann Michael (X) Ehrhof     Casper Mäule     Jacob (X) Striemshield  
Johannes Bachman     Johan Dietrick (X) Oppenheiner     Johan Adam Zwirner  
Willhelm (X) Albright     Ferdinand (K) Keney     Heinrich Philipp Brum  
Johannes Bönnighoff     Wilhelm (X) Gantner     Johannes ( ) Rudel, on board  
Petter Feiss     Jon Carl Ehrhardt     Jacob Hetrich  
Johan Michael (+ +) Shoemaker     Jacob ( ) Serbinger, on board     Philipp Leonhard Schwartz  
Hans George (X) Lyssey     Johan Jacob ( ) Miller, on board     George (X) Blank  
Michael Müller     Nicholas (X) Schrach     Frietrich Dornwind  
Michael (M) Spaan     Johann Theobold Sternberger     Caspar Schock  
Johans Michell Sorg     Jacob (X) Hoar     Diebolt Sorg  
J. George (X) Blumer     Johan Martin Bettinger     Michal Böhmer  
Conradt Jäger   Johann Forttmeier   Michael Bauer  
Johanes (X) Steinman     Marti Beck     Johann Adam Oberwinder  
Jacob Schmidt     Carl Fridrich Waag     George (X) Matzer  
Carl (X) Windmiller     Johann Jacob Bleiker     George Philipp Ziegler  
Gerg Peter Delpp     Johan Peter Musculus     Hans Melcher Kampf  
Johan Wolfgang Miller     G. A. Daser     Peter Casper Schönn  
J. G. Schweickhart     Johanes Walder     Conrad Huober  
Johann Jacob Walther     Martin Schneider     Jacob Berger  
Philipp Jacob Meyer     Vallentin Schäffer     Georg Christoph Reinhold  
Phillip Krebs     Johann Fridrich Engelhart     Jacob Kreininger  
Johann Wolfgang Leitzel, (a Lutheran Minister)     Gerg Adam Geiss     Johann Casper Pfugfelder  
Jacob Hirsch     Johann Adam Schöckh     Carl Ebersohl  
Joseph Graf     Nicholas (X) Dallmeyr     Isaac Müller  
Görg Adam Siegrist     Johann Friederich Uebel     Antony Cantzler  
Jacob (X) Nagel     Hendrich (X) Hashar     Carl (D) De Greiff  
Nickell Füerstein ***     Nickel Feuer[stein] ***     Abraham Borell  
Hans Michel Jacob Johann Georg Sautter Johann Carl Jacquart
Joh. Conrad Hausman     Johann Conrad Kagel     Johann Nicolaus Bartholomä  
Johann Christian Krebs     Paul ( ) Dasser, on board     Jacob (X) Holler  
Johan Casper Rumetsch     Philip (S) Zurg        
*** Are these two the same person (but noted twice)? Or maybe father and son? I'm certainly not sure.
[Endorsed:] List of Foreigners imported in the Ship Peggy, Capt. James Abercrombie. Qual. 24 Sept., 1753. 119 [men] + 21 [women & children] = 140 [Total]  Stedman.

German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
"C" List ~ The Oath of Abjuration List
Port of Philadelphia
(List 204C) At the Court House at Philadelphia, Monday, the 24 September, 1753.
Present: Thomas Lawrence, Esquire.
The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten,
Imported in the Ship Peggy, James Abercrombie, Commander,
from Rotterdam and last from Plymouth, this Day took the usual Qualifications.
Name of Adult Male     Name of Adult Male     Name of Adult Male  
Martin Baur     Georg Philipp Ziegler     Christian Roth  
Jean Frans Rattez     Johannes Lentz     Ignatius Vogt  
Christopf Trautz     Johann Jacob Zucker     Christoph Hosp  
Ignathius Fichtl     Michael Voltz     Nicklas ( ) Harter, on board  
Joest Hen. Holtsman     Gorg Anton Linder     John Andreas (X) Bock  
Johann Andreas Schrödlin     Jacob H. (H) Herly     Johan William (W) Engel  
Christian Friedrich Panse     George (X) Baker     Johann Jacob Kautz  
Jacob (O) Eberhart     Johannes Nötterle     Johan Jacob Stigelmann  
Johan Casper Nill     Bernart Wintringer     Jacob Miller  
Johan Jacob Kleinbub     Casper Mäule     Jhan Michael (+) Herow  
Johannes Bachman     Jacob (X) Stremshild     Johan Adam Zwirner  
J. Diterich (X) Openhim     Fartinad (F) Geney     G. Wilhelm (X) Albrecht  
Johannes Beinighoff     Heinrich Philipp Brumm     Johan ( ) Rudel, on board  
Wilhelm (X) Gonder     Johann Carl Ehrhardt     Petter Feiss  
Johan Michael (XX) Schumacher     Jacob Hetrich     J. Jacob ( ) Selwinger, on board  
Philipp Leonhard Schwartz     H. George (H) Leysig     John Jacob ( ) Miller, on board  
George (X) Lange     Michael Müller     Nicklas (X) Shreck  
Frietrich Dornwind     George Michael (M) Spoan     Johann Theobold Sternberger  
Casper Schock     Johannes Michell Sorg     Jacob (X) Hoarr  
Diebolt Sorg     J. George (X) Pluner     Johann Martin Bettinger  
Michael Bömer     Conradt Jäger     Johann Forttmeier  
Michael Baur     Johannes (X) Steinman     Martin Beck  
Johann Adam Oberwinter   Jacob Schmidt   Carl Fridrich Waag  
George (X) Matzon     Carol (X) Weinmiller     Johann Jacob Bleiker  
Georg Peter Delp     Paulus A. ( ) Dasar, on board     Hans Melcher Kampf  
G. A. Dasar     Johan Wolfgang Rhinlein     J. Georg Schweickhart  
Johann Peter Musculus     Conrad Huober     Peter Casper Schönn  
Martin Schneider     Johannes Walder     Philipp Jacob Meyer  
Johann Jacob Walther     Georg Christoph Reinholdt     Jacob Berger  
Johann Friedrich Engelhart     Vallentin Schäffer     Johann Wolfgang Leitzel  
Phillipp Krebs     Johann Caspar Pfugfelder     Jacob Kreininger  
Johann Adam Schöckh     Georg Adam Geiss     Joseph Graf  
Jacob Hirsch     Isaac Müller     Carl Ebersohl  
Johann Friederich Übel     Nicklas (X) Turmeyer     Antoni Cantzler  
Görg Adam Siegrist     Jacob (O) Nagel     Nickell Füerstein  
Carol (D) Degreiff     [Nickell] Feierstein     Hans Michel Jacob  
Henry (X) Hasshar     Johann Carl Jacquart     Aberaham Borell  
Johann Conrad Kagel     Johann Georg Sautter     Johann Christian Krebs  
Jos. Conrad Hausman     Jacob (J) Haller     Johann Nicolaus Bartholomä  
Philip (S) Zorge     Johann Casper Rumetsch        
Sir: Having visited the Ship Peggy, Capt. Abercromby, Master, freighted with Palatines from Roterdam and Cowes, and find them in such good Order as no objection arises to their entering the port to the prejudice of the Inhabitants. Philadelphia, September 24th, 1753. To his Honour the Governor, Tho. Graeme, Th. Bond.
[Endorsed:] Doctors certificate relating to the ship Peggy, 24th September, 1753.

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