With young families, this page will be
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     Family - It's ALWAYS a challenge!

       7 Children ~ 3 Boys & 4 Girls (two of our daughters are deceased)
         14 Grandchildren ~ 7 Boys & 7 Girls
           2 Great Grandsons and 1 Great Granddaughter

       Just Us!

         Denver J. & Josie R. (Hoffer/Miller) (Josie passed away January 25, 2020) Weigel (Married August 23, 1979)

         Our children & their families

           Son Stephen J. (Steve) & Marie L. (Ginder) Miller (Married October 20, 1979)
             Cody A. Miller (married Amanda R. Royer, September 8, 2017)
               Cooper A. Miller
             Kelsey M. Miller (married Justin R. Hoffmaster, September 6, 2014)
               Lincoln R. Hoffmaster
               London M. Hoffmaster

           Daughter Gwendolyn J. (Gwen) Miller (passed away September 17, 2004)

           Daughter Phyllis J. Miller (PJ) and John C. Mikesh (Married February 25, 2011)
             Erin E. Wolfe
             Nathaniel J. Kofalt
             Benjamin J. Kofalt
             Joshua D. Kofalt
             Brian Mikesh

           Son Kevin J. & Tammy L. (Zimmerman) Miller (Married September 24, 1983)
             Brittany N. Miller (married Cory C. Downing, February 20, 2016)
             Alexis L. Miller (married Nicholas L. Ketterman, October 26, 2014)

           Daughter Jaime L. Weigel (passed away October 2, 1982)

           Son Alan L. & Melody A. (Swartz) Miller (Married October 22, 1994)
             Hannah M. Miller
             Mitchel A. Miller
             Jadon R. Miller

           Daughter Jodi K. Weigel & Gary R. Ebersole (Married November 3, 1990)
             Austin L. Ebersole
             Cali M. Ebersole