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Military Service of Family Members

This is meant to be a tribute to ALL those who served, but I'll apologize right now for those cousins who I simply don't have information on. If you're one of them, and would like your name and service period and duty mentioned, PLEASE, send me a note. Heaven knows we owe you all a debt of gratitude.


Walker Jennings Weigel - US Navy - WWI

George M. Alexander - US Navy - WWI

Richard M. Grogg - US Army - WWII

Edward M. Anderson - US Army Air Force - WWII

Wayne E. Weigel - US Navy - WWII

John A. Weigel - US Army

Denver J. Weigel - US Navy

Timothy L. Weigel - US Navy

Danny H. Anderson - US Navy

Jennings Weigel spent his service time aboard the Battleship, USS Wisconsin but family members cannot recall the location of service or amount of combat duty seen.

George Alexander spent his service time aboard a Battleship but family members cannot recall the ship or location of service.

I'm working on getting additional family members' military service records loaded. Check back once in a while and read about your cousins and uncles.


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