Genealogy Resources You May Find Helpful!

We thought we'd make this page of Genealogy Resources, separate from our General Resources page, to contain information we've found during our research for this website and during our own work on family history.

The plan is to add links to this page as we find them. If we think a particular website has been useful and helpful for our purposes, it may very well be helpful to some of the rest of you folks.

The large majority of the links will be to "external" websites, rather than us copying pages directly to our site for your use. So be aware that as you use these links, they are EXTERNAL to us and we, therefore, have no control over, or input into, their security practices and/or reliability of information.

Check back once in a while to see if we've added additional links for your use. It may not be very often, but we'll do our best to share sites that we feel have merit, as we find them.

General Genealogy Sites...

I was researching some information on the Union Cemetery in Monaca, Beaver County, PA and came across this site... Access Genealogy! There's another link in the Cemeteries section, below, but this one is for the Main website. It's got some interesting information, heavy on the Beaver County, PA side but links to Country-Wide coverage. Click HERE! to check out this Genealogy Resource link!


I came across this site just recently while looking for some additional information for our own website. I found it interesting that it's a government website ( and has information from a nationwide database. The information is certainly NOT all inclusive (I have cemetery data that's not in their list), but there's a lot there, and I found a significant number of cemeteries in our own backyard in which I can do some research. Click HERE! to check out this Cemetery Link!

Here's another site for cemeteries...Access Genealogy, in this case, heavy on some Beaver County, PA. Click HERE! to check out this Genealogy Resource link!


I'm certain a number of you researchers have found and use this site regularly. Find-A-Grave is a great site and contributors continue to make it better. It has undergone a complete revamp, recently, and I, personally, have found some of the new features and changes somewhat unacceptable. However, I'm sure they'll get the bugs out soon and you're better off knowing that the website exists. Click HERE! to check out this Find-A-Grave Link!
DNA Testing
This site came to my attention through their marketing department. While I (and a few others in my family) have used DNA testing to check on our "roots", I'm not sure how many folks out there actually use DNA in their genealogical research. Well, this company, through their site, have done research on the various testing companies. The website lists the top  5, with appropriate ratings, and gives you a rundown on each vendor's products. It's a good resource if you're planning on have a DNA test performed.  Click HERE! to check out DNA Testing Guides website!