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The search for our roots was begun quite a few years ago by two of our cousins, two sisters Amy and Ellen, in their quest to become members of the DAR. In addition to their research, which uncovered a number of important pieces of information, hand written records by various uncles exists in the family files that documents the Weigel/Baker family in Beaver County, PA.

Additional information that exists has been gleaned from family bibles, newspaper articles and obituaries, Beaver County, PA historians, cemetery head stone searches, church records, court house records and numerous family members who have had extremely good memories.

As our family expands into the 11th generation, the number of branches continues to grow. We continue to add surnames such as Anderson, Adamek, Alexander, Biskup, Brobeck, Hoffer, Glasser, Kofalt, Mateer, Mitchel, Miller, Smith, Tuma, and on and on. We had our annual family reunion in Western Pennsylvania the weekend of July 24, 1999 and with the assistance of family members, who were forewarned that I would have my laptop there, we added and documented additional names to the point that we now have in excess of 3100 entries. The family continues to grow. Can you join us? Let me know if you think there's a link and we'll do our best to check it out.

You will have noted that I have used the Weigel/Baker names as our genealogical background. These names have been documented as the proper genealogical tree and the BAKER portion is the oldest records in our search, dating back to the late 1600's in Germany. The WEIGEL name has been searched back to the mid 1700's with the earliest beginning in Lancaster County, PA based on church records.

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