2011 Weigel Family Reunion

2011 Weigel Reunion

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We've all had the problem at one point or another. We've tried to login to our account on a particular website and the login fails!!! What to do??? We're hoping that won't happen to you with our website, but if it does... we've put this page together in an attempt to help you re-establish your connection.

With the field and link below, we can assist you in "retrieving" your password.

Because the database system is loaded with your USERNAME, and it is KEY to the proper record, it's one of the items that cannot be changed. But, you can re-establish communications with the website IF... you know the email address you would have used when you originally registered on WeigelFamily.com.

When you enter your email address and click the "Submit" button, our system will search the database for that email address. If it is found, you will see a message indicating that we've sent you an email with further instructions. If the system can't find a matching email address, then we have a different issue. If you continue to try other email addresses, unsuccessfully, it will be best if you RE-REGISTER with new information and send us a message through our Contact Us page to let us know. A new account will be setup and you'll be able to login with that new info.

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