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2011 Weigel Reunion

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Ancestral Cemetery List

Ancestral Cemetery List

This is a DYNAMICALLY generated list of cemeteries that we KNOW contain the remains of some of our ancestors. The list is populated by the website and will change as our team adds or removes cemeteries that we've researched and sufficiently vetted. This original list of cemeteries (in 2017), is that list associated with gravestone photos in our possession, and which we have posted on this website. As we add additional gravestone photos, with different cemeteries, we'll add the cemetery names to this list.

In looking at the list, You'll find it to be sorted by Cemetery Name. The references to the GPS coordinates have been established using "Google Earth Pro, Version:, dated 1/17/2017". Any phone numbers listed have been found by searching the internet for the cemetery and, in some cases, using the information found in the Find-A-Grave website. We have not vetted the information from a phone number perspective, but the GPS and addresses are as accurate as we can get them.

Additionally, we are relying on data found, when it comes to the name of the cemetery. For instance, I am not familiar with the timeline, but some "old" death certificates (late 1800's) have listed certain deaths with the burial taking place in "Union" Cemetery (with the name Union begin crossed out) and the name Fairview being hand written in it's place. Yet, the gravestone photo was taken by this author and I know it was in what I (and my family) refer to as "Union Cemetery". If you are familiar with the two names being associated with the "Union" cemetery, I'd be interested in hearing about the timeline for the change in name and any history behind such a change. If you know of incorrect or conflicting names, please let us know through our Contact Page, and we'll do our best to correct things as quickly as possible.

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Cemetery Name Address Line 1 City ST Zip Code
Google Map Image Phone Latitude Longitude DMS

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