2011 Weigel Family Reunion

2011 Weigel Reunion

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The Weigel Family

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Key Points

This is a Family Website ...

When all is said and done, this website is about the Weigels and the Bakers and their inter-marriages in the 1700's in Beaver County, in Western Pennsylvania. And we're curious about how things have turned out for the descendants and how we're all interrelated. Maybe YOU can help...

Genealogy is a hobby and not, necessarily, our ONLY job ...

But that doesn't mean we aren't passionate about our ancestors and finding out about them and their families. And our desire to hear from other "cousins" is always interesting. America has been a "melting pot" of different ethic groups since it's founding fathers began this great country. Our ancestors helped make this country great, and our present generations keep it going.

Be part of our research team. Register on our site and connect with other

 cousins who seek knowledge about our ancestors. We promise to share any information we have (or discover) about the Weigels and the "Blockhouse Bakers".

Famous Quotes...

There is a fine line between a pack rat and a serious family historian.

courtesy of Genealogy Bank

Why waste your money looking up your family tree? Just go into politics and your opponents will do it for you!

Mark Twain

My family coat of arms ties at the back. Is that normal???

Unknown author

A bit about our team...

Let's start by saying "...it's REALLY small!" In fact, if one looks at the "team" at our base location... the team is ME!!!

But to be fair, I really consider the research "team", anyone who corresponds with me and shares their genealogical information about our families.

So to be honest, the team probably numbers closer to 100 and maybe a few more. We correspond with numerous "cousins" on a regular basis, and with some more distant searchers, on a not so regular basis. We're members of Ancestry.com and subscribe to the "World" version of that research group. And while we don't have a lot of communications from "across the water", we've had a few folks from Germany and the Netherlands who have viewed our website and felt there was a connection with those of us on this side of the pond.

I guess that makes our "Team" a pretty robust organization, doesn't it?

Come join us in our quest to know more about those who came before us. Register on the site and share with us what you've found about YOUR branch of the tree. We'll all be better off for anything that we share.


Meet the team...

This is ME (a long time ago)...


Unhappy Farmer

Born in Monaca, Beaver County, Pennsylvania


quite a few years later...


Military Service

USS Providence, CLG-6. Member of the re-commissioning crew and a "Plank Owner".


and more recently.


Christmas Gathering

Christmas dinner with family. Always a special time.

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