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Welcome to Our site!

Hope you can find a link on the left that will make you glad you found us. Feel free to send us a note about your experience.

Remember Freedom Isn't Free.

Have a safe and enjoyable year. If you can't find fireworks to view around your home, and check our Fireworks link below and make your own!

This Link "Dedicated to a Special Uncle"

490th Bombardment Squadron (CBI)

"Burma Bridge Busters"

Fireworks! Make your own fireworks display without the danger of explosives. Check out the link below! We leave it here all year.

While your at it..... I try to steer folks to a special page on our website that brings chills to my spine every time I read it. Check out "The Unknown Speaker" to see what I mean.

There are zillions of sites that share the story and history of America. We're proud to share a small bit of that part of our family's history on our site. But we also like to share other's sites when we come across them. Josie found this one recently and I'll include these two links to a couple specific pages about our Great Country. Click on the link below and then check out some of the "Patriotic Pages"

Deb's Fun Pages

Enjoy your freedom and remember from whence it came.

Although we consider this site a personal web site and we'll share some personal information, the primary reason for the site is to assist in gathering Genealogical Information about our WEIGEL family heritage. Anyone having similar interests can send an email from one of the email links and share their information.

We're not certain how often the updating process will occur with these pages but come back often and check it out. Who knows, maybe we'll have something of interest for you.

A little about the site. Due to the amount of content on some of the pages you may find it more comfortable to set your display resolution to 800 x 600. More of the page will fit on the screen and you won't have to scroll as much. The site was created with Microsoft FrontPage 98 and with at least one of the links you will do best with a browser that will play music.

Enjoy our site and if you've found that you can add to our family history, let us know.

New Stuff

Additionally, for new stuff, I received a copy of a map of Moon Township (presently in the year 2000) Beaver County Pennsylvania from my cousin Greg. Many thanks to the relatives that keep sending more info. I'm going to try to match up some areas of today with those from this map dated 1876.

We've added a navigation link here, and on the left, to a page for FAMILY REUNIONS and on that page have listed links to family reunions that I've heard about. Although these dates are for the year 2000, we'll list the new reunion dates as soon as we know them. Maybe some of you who've been communicating over the last months and years, would like to join these cousins you've never seen. Check them out and maybe we'll see you there.

We've also added those photos of the "Cemetery Headstones" of a number of our ancestors for those of you who need documentation for your genealogical research. Some were unreadable but you'll find a pretty fair amount very useful.

Haven't had the time to add the latest "Deed" to the site yet but we'll get it there. It's the deed for the Weigel Farm called "Rasbery" which was purchased on June 18, 1787 from Jacob Bausman. The Real Estate business wasn't a whole lot different back then. Jacob Bausman originally purchased the 400 acres on October 9, 1786, just 8 months previous, for the sum of "Three pounds six shillings and eight pence". Daniel Weigel paid Jacob Bausman, and his wife Elizabeth, "Two hundred and Twenty five pounds" for the same 400 acres! Not a bad profit!

I should have the Jacob Bausman Deed and the Daniel Weigel deed transcribed shortly. Keep checking back.

Check out some of the other items on our web site. If you don't read anything else, read the story about the "Unknown Speaker" . If you're anything like me, it'll give you "goose bumps"! The "Oaths of Allegiance and Abjuration", is also a bit of history that has to do with our heritage. Read the biographies of a couple men in our family's lineage from the Revolutionary War..... John Hart and John Morton. Both men were signers of the Declaration of Independence and each sacrificed much for our freedom.


"A Fourth of July Celebration by Aristotle"

Fourth of July has passed but we leave the fireworks link on continually. The site has a number of games and "trivia" questions that are rather challenging. Check it out and see how many of the trivia questions you can answer.

FireWorks!  Maybe you didn't get a chance to enjoy it during the 4th celebration when we first put it out. Here's the best, in my estimation. This site uses MacroMedia's Shockwave to build a fireworks display. It's a big file ..... almost 600K in size but once it's loaded (took about 3 minutes on our 56K modem), you'll be happy you did. YOU can choose the city skyline and YOU are the one that sets off the fireworks! Choose how fast, what color and what shape. It's a great celebration. If you don't have Shockwave on your system, you can download it at the site. This site is complements of "Aristotle Internet Services", an ISP in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their complete site is really well done. Give it a try.

We've made some significant changes in the genealogy section of the site. Check it out, 'cause we've begun to add the Baker side of the family. I'm working on a more complete version but right now we're including the portions of the family associated with OUR branch of this tree. There is a combination of page styles until I get everything converted but I think the changes being made are for the better.

Thanks for visiting. Keep watching and maybe your branch will show up.

I keep saying I'm going to get the jukebox going, and I will, but until I do, here are a couple links to my page with the MIDI sites having Bluegrass and Classical music. Stick with me.

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"Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want,
but the realization of how much you already have." (Author Unknown)

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